God's House Advice & Support Center is a collaboration between Nacka Parish (the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Sweden), the Muslims Association in Nacka, and the Catholic Diocese of Stockholm. Most activities take place in Fisksätra Church.

The purpose of the activities is to give participants better conditions for integration and inclusion in Swedish society and thereby counteract social exclusion and segregation in Fisksätra.

The aim of the Advice & Support Center is to implement religion as a resource in its social work. Everyone is welcome here, regardless of who you are or where you come from. We view the work in the Advice & Support Center as a natural consequence of our religious beliefs - to live in love and care for our fellow human beings. 


The God's House Advice & Support Center offers counseling, language training, help with contacts with authorities, and opportunities to participate in a multitude of group activities. The aim is to improve the situation for people living in different kinds of vulnerability and exclusion. Today the activities involve several hundred people every week. The Advice & Support Center works with the following activities, in four main areas: Knowledge, Support, Employment, Opinion forming.

Legal advice
Counseling; counsellor, imam, priest
Civic education
Help in contacts with authorities
Interpreter when needed
Group activities; eg creation, image, textile
Swedish teaching
Search for work
A link between applicants and the housing market

Parental support
Volunteer work
Theme weeks
Study visits
Summer activities
Festivities at holidays
Opinion forming
Interfaith prayer room

Weekly program

Hösten 2021 ser vår vecka ut så här i Fisksätra kyrka:

10.00-11.45 Öppen dörr.
10.00 Promenadgrupper.
14.00-16.00 Råd och stöd. Möjlighet till samtal och hjälp med juridiska frågor, myndigheter, utdelning vid behov.

09.00 Yoga för kvinnor
09.00 Motivationsträff. För dig med erfarenhet av beroende. Anmälan till Magnus Helmner.

15.00-17.00 Family night.
15.00-16.45 Unga fiskar med Tina Sundström (anmälan).
17.00-17.30 Måltidsutdelning.

19.00-20.45 Klubb Fiskis med Tina Sundström (anmälan).

14.00 Pilgrimspromenad. Anmälan till Magnus Helmner (varannan vecka).

10.00-11.00 Alla kan sjunga.
12.00 Öppen spis.

14.00-16.00 Råd & stöd. Möjlighet till samtal och hjälp med juridiska frågor, myndigheter, utdelning vid behov.


Contact persons

Fisksätra Church, Fisksätra torg 19, 133 41 Saltsjöbaden, 08-546 061 83
Fisksätra moské, Mörtgatan 16, 133 43 Saltsjöbaden

Magnus Helmner

Deacon assistent, volunteer manager
Languages: Swedish, English
 +46 (0)8-546 061 86

Tina Sundström Engelhart

Languages: Swedish, English, German, French, Arabic
+46 (0)72-579 98 57
 tina.sundstrom@svenskakyrkan.se

João Alho

Project manager "På egna ben"
Languages: Swedish, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French
+46 (0)8-546 061 03

Susanna Walther

Administrator authorities matters
Languages: Swedish, English, Slovakian, Czech, Russian, German, Italian
 +46 (0)70-898 58 07

Pia-Sophia Passmark

Executive manager of Fisksätra Church, priest
Languages: Swedish, English
+46 (0)8-546 061 34
 pia.sophia.passmark@svenskakyrkan.se

Telva Troncoso

Languages: Swedish, English, Spanish
+46 (0)8-546 061 15

Marie Henningsson

Languages: Swedish, English
 +46 (0)8-546 06 173

Rosita Sköldebo

House hostess in Fisksätra Church
Languages: Swedish, English
 +46 (0)8-546 061 85

Mattias Ristholm

Languages: Swedish, English
+46 (0)8-546 061 52
 mattias.ristholm@svenskakyrkan.se

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Inclusion through meetings across borders. Diversity in a globalized world. Religion as a resource in civil society.

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