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Where People Meet

God's House is an innovative collaboration between Christians and Muslims in the Stockholm suburb of Fisksätra. Together we aim to build an interfaith community centre consisting of a church and a mosque joined by a glazed central atrium and in doing so create a positive space for meetings, activities and opportunities.

By promoting cooperation across religious and cultural boundaries God’s House will show the way forward towards a hopeful and peaceful future where, by celebrating our differences and connecting our shared values, we rejoice at seeing a brother and a sister in the people we meet.

Questions & Answers

Why cooperate?  Isn't this a mix-up of religions? Who will pay? Find answers to your questions here..

A God's House for People

Three denominations in Fisksätra – the Muslims Association in Nacka, the Catholic Diocese of Stockholm and Nacka Parish (the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Sweden) – aim to build a communal God's House by joining a new mosque and a glazed atrium to the already existing Fisksätra Church. These improved and enlarged premises will provide exciting opportunities for interfaith connections between people.

Voices for God's House

”I see religious denominations working together and speaking well of each other as an important contribution in community building. God's House is nothing less than a workshop for the future. I am boundlessly positive to God's House.”

– Klas Hallberg, author and comedian

”God's House makes room for rethinking with different faiths under one roof. This building will be the first joint church and mosque in Sweden, if not in the whole world. God's House is love in practice.”

– Zinat Pirzadeh, comedian and author

"The importance of God's House increases beacause of the turbulence in the world. God's House stands openly and clearly for cooperation between all religions. God's House is needed!"

– Awad Olwan, former Imam of the Muslims Association in Nacka

”God's House in Fisksätra is a concrete example of the obvious: that, despite differences, we must meet the challenges of life and the world together.”

– Antje Jackelén, Archbishop of the Church of Sweden

”Visit from Fisksätra God’s House [at the embassy in Jordan]. Swedish Christians and Muslims work for interfaith dialogue – highly needed today.”

– Erik Ullenhag, Ambassador of Sweden to Jordan

”I do not believe in God. But I do believe in people and their need to connect. I also believe that our similarities are infinitely greater than our differences. With that conviction we can move mountains and find hope, peace, and love. God's House is a part of that.”

– Eva Dahlgren, musician

”God needs no houses. But we people of different traditions need it, both to meet across borders of beliefs and to meet with the God who has so many names. The greatest of these is Love.”

– Lennart Koskinen, Bishop Emeritus and member of Nacka Parish

”In these polarised times cross-border meeting places are needed where we can protect the deepest humane and a common spirituality. God's House is a vision of peace and an ongoing integration project.”

– Helle Klein, editor-in-chief and priest

”Thanks to God's House, we can create both a physical place to manifest peacebuilding at the local level while developing a method of interfaith dialogue that is world-unique. God's House is the future!”

– Vanja Möller Zouzouho, secretary of MeR barnkultur

”For us God's House means collaboration, increased knowledge and understanding. A fantastic peace project.”

– Magnus & Jakob, Draken Arkitektur, key partner

”God's House in Fisksätra is an example of interfaith dialogue and collaboration that is needed in our time. It is urgent that it soon becomes a reality.”

– Eva Brunne, Bishop Emerita and member of God’s House Fundraising Foundation

”To build God's House for everyone, regardless of religion, is modern and innovative. A really important work for peace! A project we wholeheartedly support.”

– Lehna Edwall, artist and initiator of Unite Hope Project

”As artists and art consultants, we are particularly interested in meeting places and are looking for an inclusive approach, places where several voices appear simultaneously. Therefore, we support God's House.”

– Katarina Wiklund, artist & Susanna Wiklund, architect

God's House Friends Association

The association works with popular adult education and creates meeting places for dialogues between people of various cultural roots and philosophies of life.

Advice & Support Center

The God's House Advice & Support Center offers counseling, language training, help with contacts with authorities, and opportunities to participate in a multitude of group activities.

Where the Whole World Meet

Among Fisksätra’s 8,000 inhabitants are people with roots in over 80 different countries. In God's House people from various ethnic, linguistic, cultural, religious and social realities meet. With God's House at the centre of cross-cultural connection we increase trust, understanding and respect for all individuals and ways of life in our community. Religious denominations have long played an important role in the positive development of society and now, together, we are raising money from everyone who wants to be a part of community co-existence, and collaboration. You too can help support God’s House!

Support God's House

You can contribute  – with money, time or commitment. You can easily donate via an international bank transfer or via our Facebook donation button. If you are in Sweden you can use Swish on your phone. Businesses or organizations can become key partners and make a big difference. 

Stay Informed

Let us keep you up to date about what is going on. Our newsletter (in Swedish) is both an informative guide to the progress of God’s House and a great way to stay informed with details and invitations to our various activities.I nyhetsbrevet berättar vi hur arbetet fortskrider och bjuder in till olika aktiviteter.

The newsletter is sent out 2-4 times a year. You can cancel the subscription at any time.

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Inclusion through meetings across borders. Diversity in a globalized world. Religion as a resource in civil society.

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