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About God's House

Why is God's House Needed?

God's house provides opportunities for people of various beliefs and philosophies of life to meet, discover and connect with each other, become friends and talk about both spiritual and worldly things.

God's House contributes to an increased understanding across cultural and religious borders. Diversity both challenges and inspires and God's House is a vital resource in the building of trust between people and to contribute to a positive development of society at large.

More people make the journey from alienation to inclusion in society with the help of God's House. Thanks to the different meeting places and the extensive social work, more new arrivals can get to know Swedes and the Swedish culture while at the same time bring the richness of their own traditions. This is our path to integration and inclusion in society.

When we meet at cultural festivals, peace prayers and workshops, various views on faith and traditions are expressed. In this way, anxiety over differences is overcome, alienation disappears and an increased appreciation and respect for each other takes its place.

We need to expand the premises of the activities that already exist today. The Muslims of Fisksätra need a proper mosque. The people of Fisksätra need meeting places and our world needs more stories of peace and positivity about the good that is happening right now and work to build hope for the future.


Do Christians, Muslims and Jews believe in the same God?

Yes! Because we are the children of Abraham, Christians, Muslims and Jews believe in the same God. There is only one God but many religions. Together we believe that God calls us to love each other and to take responsibility for His creation. The Golden Rule, to treat others as one's self would wish to be treated, is found in all religions and in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Why is a Jewish parish not included?

Simply because there is no Jewish parish in Fisksätra. If there had been one we are convinced we would have cooperated with it as well. God's House nevertheless does have a fruitful collaboration with the Great Synagogue of Stockholm and with Jewish friends all around the world.

Are all people welcome to God's House or is it just for Christians and Muslims?

Yes, all people are welcome in God's House, regardless of beliefs or philosophies of life. Nor does it matter if you believe in God or not, we cooperate with all good forces in society that work for a better world.

Won’t the religions be mixed or watered down?

We neither want or can mix our religions. The denominations will conduct their own worship services and prayers in different parts of the building. The work in God's House shows respect for the religions, rites and cultural expressions of each other.

For us, it is obvious not to try to recruit members from each other. On the contrary, we want Muslims and Christians to become more aware and deepened in their own faiths. The same applies to people with other religions or views of life too.

How do you view equality?

How different countries and cultures view equality and equal opportunities is quite varied. This is evident in Fisksätra too where the cultures and values of different countries are exposed to each other. In Sweden all citizens and organizations are subject to the anti-discrimination law which stipulates seven key grounds for discrimination that must be protected against. In God's House there is a great awareness that men, women, people with different lifestyles, values and ability variations all have the same human dignity.

Among Christians and Muslims for example there are differences in the view of women's and men's place of prayer. Today most Muslim women and men want to pray in separate prayer rooms. Even in the progressive Mariam Mosque in Copenhagen, led by a female imam, women want to pray for themselves. 

God's House continuously works to enable people to express their various opinions and values. This is also very much the case when it comes to the issue of equality and equal opportunities. We formulate our ethical approach in the document "Declaration of Core Values for God's House and Källan in Fiskätra", read more here.

In what ways can God's House inspire others?

We believe that our visionary work, in the present and future, can inspire others to begin the journey of approaching one another and getting to know their sisters and brothers in other religions in their community and discovering the joy of meeting. Many study groups have visited us over the years and several of them come back.

How does God's House Advice & Support Center relate to God's House?

The God's House Advice & Support Center is a collaboration between the three denominations of God's House: Nacka Parish, the Catholic Diocese of Stockholm, and the Muslim Association in Nacka. The activities started as "Källan Advice and Support Center" in 2008 in Fisksätra Church, then with Stockholm City Mission as a partner too. Since 2020, the Advice & Support Center continues its activities without Stockholm City Mission.

Today the activities involve several hundred people every week. The God's House Advice & Support Center offers counseling, language training, help with contact with authorities, and opportunities to participate in a multitude of group activities, all of which aim to improve situations for people living in different kinds of vulnerability and exclusion.

We see the work in the Advice & Support Center as a natural consequence of our religious beliefs - to live in love and care for our fellow human beings.

What criticism has God's House received?

The criticism we have received is, among other things, that we run the interfaith dialogue too far, that we risk mixing religions or that "the Church should not build a mosque". Some people are worried about what a collaboration between Christians and Muslims means. People with experiences from countries with conflicts between Christians and Muslims carry their own experiences of religious collisions. We take this criticism and these experiences seriously. At the same time, we want to show another path, one of reconciliation and cooperation between people of different religions.

Naturally one expects to receive criticism and face opposition with work such as this. Criticism and questioning improve our understanding of the nature of our work and often highlight the reasons and grounds for, as well as the necessity of our collaboration. This FAQ page is one attempt to highlight and answer some of the questions we get.

The Building

What is to be built?

Existing today is Fisksätra Church with its church hall and parish premises. The Church is located in the middle of Fisksätra Square in the centre of the Fisksätra community. What is to be built is an indoor square and a mosque. The indoor square, a glazed central atrium, will join the existing church with the mosque so that the parts together form one building, God's House. The indoor square will be the property of Nacka Parish and the mosque will be the property of the Muslims Association in Nacka. The idea is that the entirety of God's House should be open for everyone to use.

What about blueprints, building permits and other documents?

Blueprints and a detailed development plan for the building have been produced. A contract of sale between Nacka Parish and Fisksätra Mosque Foundation has been set up for the land on which the mosque will stand. The lot for sale is 300 square metres (3200 square feet). We will apply for a building permit in conjunction with the beginning of construction. This is standard procedure.

What will the construction of the building cost?

A total cost of 59 million SEK (≈5,5 million EUR or 6 million USD) was estimated in 2018, whereof the indoor square amounts to 12 million SEK and the mosque to 47 million SEK.

The Fundraising

Who will pay for the construction of the building?

The building of God's House will primarily be funded from donations from the public. We also expect donations from foundations, organisations and businesses. There is a joint fundraiser run by Guds Hus insamlingsstiftelse (God’s House Fundraising Foundation) and a fundraiser just for the mosque part of the building run by Stiftelsen Fisksätramoskén (Fisksätra Mosque Foundation). In the end, it is the two property owners, Nacka Parish and Fisksätra Mosque Foundation, who are responsible for paying for their respective buildings.

Can financing also come from outside of Sweden?

We welcome donations from outside of Sweden but no political or other conditions can be made about the construction or the activities/operation.

Can I trust that money is handled responsibly?

Yes, you can trust that every Swedish krona is used with the greatest responsibility for both donors and the project. God’s House Fundraising Foundation is reviewed by chartered accountants.

How can I contribute to the fundraising?

You can donate in several ways. You access donation alternatives by clicking the Support God's House button in the menu at the top.

How much money have you received?

The joint fundraising has been going on since 2015 and we have received approximately SEK 950,000 as of autumn 2020 (≈EUR 93 000 or USD 110 000).

Who is on the board of God’s House Fundraising Foundation?

The board of Guds Hus insamlingsstiftelse (God’s House Fundraising Foundation) includes Carl Dahlbäck: Vicar of Nacka Parish, Muhammad Aqib: The Muslims Association in Nacka, Stefan Herczfeld: Head of development of the Catholic Diocese of Stockholm, Helle Klein: Priest and editor-in-chief of Dagens Arbete, Eva Brunne: Bishop Emerita, Zinat Pirzadeh: Author and comedian, Maynard Gerber: the Jewish Community in Stockholm, Omar Fadera: The Muslims Association in Nacka, and Wanja Lundby-Wedin: First vice president of Kyrkostyrelsen. The board has elected Wanja Lundby-Wedin as Chairman of the board.

If you have questions or thoughts other than those raised here, you are welcome to contact us at

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