Här ska Guds Hus byggas

Guds Hus ska byggas ihop med nuvarande Fisksätra kyrka, vid Fisksätra torg. Zooma in i kartan för att titta närmare!


You are most welcome to visit us in Fisksätra. Maybe book a study visit or just drop in and take part in whatever activity is happening at the time in the church or the present mosque premises.

Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

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Contact persons

The Church of Sweden

Carl Dahlbäck, Vicar Nacka Parish
 +46 (0)706 88 53 10

The Muslims Association in Nacka

Javed Ahmed, Chairman
+46 (0)700 47 66 62
 engrjaved@gmail.com

The Catholic Diocese of Stockholm

Susanna Walther, handläggare
+46 (0)70-898 58 07

God's House Advice & Support Center

Jenny Westling, präst, vik. verksamhetsledare
+46 (0)722 28 98 06
All staff in the Advice & Support Center

God's House Friends Association

Mona Majeed, Chairman
+46 (0)723 02 72 29

Fisksätra Church

Jenny Westling, präst, vik. verksamhetsledare
+46 (0)722 28 98 06

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Let us keep you up to date about what is going on. Our newsletter (in Swedish) is both an informative guide to the progress of God’s House and a great way to stay informed with details and invitations to our various activities.I nyhetsbrevet berättar vi hur arbetet fortskrider och bjuder in till olika aktiviteter.

The newsletter is sent out 2-4 times a year. You can cancel the subscription at any time.

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You can contribute  – with money, time or commitment. You can easily donate via an international bank transfer or via our Facebook donation button. If you are in Sweden you can use Swish on your phone. Businesses or organizations can become key partners and make a big difference.

Inclusion through meetings across borders. Diversity in a globalized world. Religion as a resource in civil society.

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